Our Packages



1. Common Sweet
2. Flavoured Rice
3. Wet curry
4. White Rice
5. Fry
6. Common curry
7. Dal
8. Sambar/rasam
9. Veg Snack
10. Chutney
11. Papad
12. Curd
13. Raita


1. Common Sweet
2. Roti/Poori/Pulka
3. Spl.Wet Curry
4. Flavoured Rice
5. Common wet curry
6. White Rice
7. Fry
8. Dal
9. Sambar/ rasam
10. Veg snack common
11. Chutney
12. Pickle
13. Salad
14. Papad
15. Curd
16. Raita

Silver (Min 150 Pax)

1. Welcome drink
2. Sweets 2 (one spl one common)
3. Roti/Poori/Pulka
4. Spl wet curries 2
5. Flavoured rice
6. Common wet curry
7. White rice
8. Fry curries 2
9. Dal
10. Sambar and rasam
11. Veg snacks (one spl, one common)
12. Chutney 2
13. Powder 2
14. Salad
15. Papad
16. Curd
17. Raita
18. Water Bottles
19. Ice cream
20. Sweet pan

Golden Pack(Min 250 Pax)

1. Welcome drinks 2
2. Sweets (2 Types)
3. 1 Halva
4. Desserts (2 Types)
5. Starters ( 2 Types)
6. Roties (2 Types)
7. 1 South Indian Curry
8. 1 Fry Currie
9. 1 North Indian Rice
10. 1 South Indian Rice
11. 3 North Indian Gravies
12.Plain Rice
13. Raithas (2 Varieties)
14. Dal
15. Sambar
16. Rasam
17. Pickles (4 Types)
18. Curd
19. Papad
20. Live Pan Counter
21. Water Bottles
22. Ghee
23. Powders (2 Types)
24. Chat Counter (5 Varieties)
25. Fruit Counter (8 Varieties)
26. Dosa counter (3 Varieties)
27. Live Salad counter
28. Sproutes

Diamond Pack(Min 500 Pax)

1. Welcome (3 Varieties of Juices, 2 Varieties of Starters,)
2. Sweet Meal (6 Varieties {2 North Indian}, {2 South Indian}, {2 Bengali})
3. 2 Hots(1 Kara, 1 Bajji)
4. Roties (3 Types)
5. North Indian Gravies (3 Types)
6. South Indian curries (2 Types)
7. Fry Curries (2 Types)
8. North Indian Rice (2 Types)
9. South Indian Rice
10.Plain Rice
11. Raithas (2 Types)
12. 1 South Indian Dal
13. 1 North Indian Dal
14. Sambar
15. Rasam
16. Kadi
17. Dosa Counter (4 Types)
18. Chinese Counter (5 Types)
19. Chat Counter (5 Types)
20. Fruit Counter (8 types)
21. Time Pass Stall (Chocolate fountain, Popcorn stall, Sugar Candy, )
22. Desserts (3 Varieties, with Chocolate Sauce)
23. Pan Counter (Calcutta Pan)
24. Powders (6 types)
25. Pickles (4 types)
26. Live Salad Counter
27. Sprouts
28. Common items (Papads, Fryums, Dahi mirchi, Ghee, Salt.)


1. 1 Rice
2. 1 Flavored  Rice
3. 1 Wet Currie
4. 1 Dry Currie
5. Dal
6. Sambar
7. Rasam
8. Papad
9. Curd
10. 1 Pickle
11. 1 Chutney


1. 1 Rice
2. 1 Colour Rice
3. Roti, Chapathi, Pulka (any 2 items)
4. 1 Wet Currie
5. 1 Dry Currie
6. Dal
7. Sambar
8. Rasam
9. Papad
10. Curd
11. 1 Pickle
12. 1 Chutney
13. Salad

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